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What We Know About Electric Dog Collars

Many people will swear that electric dog collars are the best way to train dogs,What We Know About Electric Dog Collars Articles but why would you want to use something so cruel to train you canine companion when there are so many safe alternatives out there? If you have been told that these collars are safe then you would be wise to do your research before purchasing one of these collars for your dog.

Most companies that manufacture these training collars will tell you that the collar is safe. The fact of the matter is these companies want you to buy their product! There has been research done that proves these collars can be harmful to pets. It is in your pet’s best interest that you find an alternative way to train them.

Before you decide to use an electric dog collar for your furry friend you should ask yourself a few questions. First of all would you put one of those on your kids if they misbehaved? A dog is like a child and is a member of the family. A dog will never learn to respect you if you hurt him.

Many people are quick to believe the manufactures that this product is safe Cheri Honnas for dogs, but what it does is sends a static electric shock to the dogs body. Anyone who has ever been shocked before knows that this is a painful experience. Would you test it on yourself before you put it on your dog?

Another thing about electric dog collars is that the controls can be changed to make the shock hurt the dog more. There are many other alternative to training a dog. Electric shock is not a good one.

These collars can have severe psychological effects on dogs. A fearful dog is not a healthy dog. In fact, a fearful dog is more likely to bite a human. You need to teach your dog to respect you by respecting him. Use a different training technique. The psychological effects that are caused by shock collars is irreversible.

With proper training most dogs will never need an electric dog collar. If you are not patient enough to train the dog yourself then you should hire a professional to help you. Professional dog trainers can be expensive, but they are well worth it in the end.

IF you can’t afford to hire a professional to help you train your dog, then buy some dog training books and read them. Most books say that shock collars are bad news and that they only create fearfulness and aggressiveness in dogs.

The internet is also a great place to find ways to train a dog. There are many websites that offer fantastic tips on dog training; you might want to consider doing a Google or Yahoo search for dog training tips.

Over all shock collars are bad news for dogs. It is better to find an alternative method to train them. While it may take a bit more effort, it will be worth it in the end.