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The Millionaire’s Mentality

A friend of mine was given a million pounds ($1.4m)
this week. He isn’t a millionaire though. For the last
three years he has been Managing Director of a small
company owned by a very rich man. The very rich man is
a millionaire 250 times over and his wealth is growing
faster than he can count it.

My friend’s million is his share of the proceeds from
the sale of the company. His boss was made an offer
which he viewed as a good return on his investment. So
he sold out. My friend got his million and lost his

Now,Guest Posting a millionaire would say “What a great opportunity!
How can I use my capital to build a real fortune?”
Instead, my friend has started looking for another job.

At 43-years old he can’t imagine life without a ‘proper
job.’ He is an institutionalized employee.

Being a millionaire, isn’t really about having a
million pounds or dollars – you need to have a
millionaire’s mentality.

What is that magical mindset, and how does it differ
from the way regular 9-5 folk think?

John Paul Getty said it:

“Luck, knowledge [oi millionaire uae] and arduous work – especially arduous
work – are all necessarily for a man to become a
millionaire. But above all that, he needs what can be
called the ‘millionaire mentality’: that essential
state of mind and conscience which mobilizes the
intelligence and all the talents of an individual to
accomplish his tasks and realize the goals he has set
for himself in business.”

The only thing I would disagree with the great J.P. on
is ‘arduous work.’ Sure, to get anywhere you need to
work hard, but if you love what you are doing, it is
hardly arduous. I prefer to think of ‘smart work.’

Keep an open mind.

True millionaires see the world slightly differently.
Their minds are open to opportunities. A good example
of this alternative way of thinking is Richard Branson,
the boss of Virgin Airlines. The story goes that he had
taken a bunch of journalists to LA for his inaugural
flight to that city. After a pleasant few days in a top
hotel, the journos were all in the lobby waiting for a
limo to take them back to the airport. One young woman
went up to Branson and asked him the following