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Sesame Streets Message On Childrens Orthodontics

Sesame Street has been producing show subjects,Sesame Streets Message On Childrens Orthodontics Articles clips, and merchandise targeting children about their general education and well being. Throughout the years, the popular children’s show produced a variety of public service devices promoting reading, writing, arithmetic, healthy diets, and positive social behavior.

In the 1980s, Childrens orthodontics was the subject of a classic Sesame Street clip that aimed to teach children about the need for regular dentist visits. As many children have natural fears of visiting doctors and dentists alike, this clip targeted young viewers in order to decrease fears of dentist visits.

Because children often eat candies, ice cream, and other sweets, regular dental visits are important to help keep teeth and gums healthy as they mature. The creators of Sesame Street clearly found it beneficial to produce a short segment for those children who may be wary of visiting a 兒童箍牙 dentist. The overall message would help educate both children and parents on the importance of children’s orthodontics.
In the clip, a young actor plays a character named Michael who visits a children’s orthodontics office. Once the dentist introduces young Michael to an examination chair inside of a clean, safe environment, the dentist makes Michael feel comfortable before gently examining his teeth for any cavities or obstructions.

After a quick examination, the clip makes a point to Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Braces & Orthodontics | Moles & Ferri show how relaxed, comfortable, and cooperative Michael is being. The dentist then explains that he is going to clean Michael’s teeth with a “magic toothbrush.” He then allows Michael to touch the end of the cleaning device to feel the vibration so he won’t be shocked when the dentist begins his work. After Michael tests the device, he smiles, and the good doctor begins his work. This part of the script aimed to show viewers that dental offices can be safe, relaxed, and fun to visit.

After Michael received the teeth cleaning, the clip then shows various children of all races and sexes visiting children’s orthodontics clinics. By the end of the clip, Michael received a successful cleaning and was lowered down in the chair by the dentist as the image fades out. This clip helped many viewers, especially children, realize that everybody visits the dentist regularly. This taught children that regular visits were essential to their dental health.

One of the greatest things Sesame Street achieved for parents and children alike were these types of public service clips. This clip not only helped reduce the fears of visiting dentists, but also helped children understand that all health care visits are essential to their health and upbringing. Parents who struggled with convincing their children of regular dental visits were also relieved when the message was reiterated by a popular children’s show.