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Is Karaoke Singing Bad For You? Singing Tips For Karaoke Singers

Most people love a good sing-song. It used to be the old knees up round the piano, either at home or at the local pub, but nowadays the popular Japanese pastime of Karaoke is more likely to get people singing. If you enjoy Karaoke singing, you may often ask yourself “is my singing OK?”, but I’ll bet you have never asked yourself this question – “Is Karaoke bad for you?” Some recent studies suggest that it might be, especially if you’re not looking after your voice properly.

A study, by Hong Kong University, found that people who do Karaoke singing are more likely to develop vocal problems. This is probably due to the fact that most of them have no formal singing training. Often Karaoke singers enjoy their pastime so enthusiastically, they will sing for long periods without taking a rest or drinking water. The study also found that those who did rest and drink water were more able to hit high notes than those who didn’t.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you love Karaoke singing and want to continue doing it for a long time, you need to start thinking about how to protect your voice. Here are a few singing tips to get you started.

Warm Up Before You Sing

Try to warm up before you do any Karaoke 인계동셔츠룸 singing. If you can do this before you go out for the evening, it will help your voice stay in good condition. Start by getting the body and lungs going with a few stretches and some deep breathing, this is essential for creating the “feel good factor,” especially if you been at work all day. A good first singing exercise to do is to hum up and down a few scales, keeping well within you range. Then expand this by singing “ooh” and “ah” on the same scales.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s important to keep hydrated throughout the day as well as at the Karaoke event itself. Water is vital for keeping the vocal cords lubricated as it helps the body to produce the mucus that coats them. Caffeine and alcohol both dehydrate the body, so it’s best to keep your intake to a minimum. If you plan to drink alcohol at the Karaoke night, try not to overdo it and make sure you drink water alongside the alcoholic drink.

Take a Rest

At a Karaoke do, it’s tempting to finish singing and then sit down to chat to your friends whilst someone else gets up to sing. However, it would be better to try and give your voice a rest rather than attempt to shout above all the noise. Shouting is one of the most damaging things you can do to your voice.

Of course, all this preparation shouldn’t detract from the fun of the night. After all, if you want to enjoy Karaoke singing, it’s just as important to relax and have fun. So, try to work to